Painters, volunteers needed for downtown Columbus art project

The Columbus Area Arts Council is looking for your help to build a project for the upcoming Exhibit Columbus installation.

According to the arts council, help is needed to paint a downtown mural as part of a public art installation called “A Carousel For Columbus.”

The work will be going on Saturday and Sunday at 421 4th Street in downtown Columbus.

The exhibit will need volunteer artists to paint, with brushes, rollers, and sprayers, also to tape and mask areas of the wall and concrete. The painters will also need help by volunteers keeping supplies ready and organized, stocking coolers and playing music.

The mural portion of the Carousel for Columbus is being executed artist Andrea Jablonski as part of the larger project by the Could Be Design firm, of Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison. Could be Design received a grant from the Columbus Museum of Art & Design for the mural project.

The carousel will include a rotating platform that can be used as a stage or play space. Projected graphics will animate the walls and ground in the plaza.

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Photo courtesy of Exhibit Columbus.