Sheriff makes plans for mobile Bartholomew County command center

Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department is planning to purchase a used mobile command center to help in emergencies and large events at a cost of just over $100,000.

Sheriff Chris Lane outlined the plan to the county commissioners yesterday, saying that the vehicle would allow the local emergency agencies to continue to operate remotely during a major disaster, or an event that took out the dispatch center. He said that the vehicle would also be used for community events, such as the fair or Hope Heritage Days.

He said there is an opportunity to buy a used vehicle from Columbus Township for about $43,500. He said it has very low miles, has been stored inside and is powered by a Cummins diesel. There will also be a need to refurbish it with five work stations and to redecorate the outside with Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department insignia at an additional cost about $49,000.

The Columbus Fire Department will use its mechanics to make some minor repairs and the Columbus Police Department has space to store it inside.

Lane said that the funding for the project will come from commissary funds and seized drug money.

County Commissioners approved the expenditure yesterday.