Troopers: Family DNA records solves 29-year cold case

Indiana State Police believe they have the solution to a 29-year-old attempted murder cold case in southern Indiana through the use of DNA analysis. But the suspect has already died.

According to troopers, they and Scott County deputies were called to investigate an attempted murder, assault and robbery that happened in May of 1995 in rural Scott County. Several leads were followed by investigators at the time but no clear suspect was identified. However DNA evidence was collected.

The collected DNA was entered in a national database in 2000 but no one was a match.

With the increase in the use of familial DNA as an investigation tool, in August Parabon Laboratories performed familial DNA testing and was able to identify a close family relative matching the DNA. Detectives, lab and intelligence analysts and genealogist CeCe Moore were able to then identify a suspect.

The suspect would have been in his early 30s at the time of the crime, lived near the crime scene and could be connected to the victim through further investigation. However, investigators learned that the suspect moved out of state after the crime and died in 2003. Under state police policy, potential suspects are not identified until formal charges are filed so the suspect’s name will not be released.

While no charges can be filed, troopers say that investigators are pleased to be able to bring the case to a close.

Funding for the familial DNA testing was provided by  Seasons of Justice, a non-profit group that assists law enforcement in solving unsolved violent crimes.