She Said YES!!!

For the last few months, you have heard me talk about Chelsie (Chels) on air. Some of it has been funny, some has been sweet, but it has all been real life. You have heard us start a journey together that I honestly did not think I would ever take with someone. From our first date at The Willard in Franklin to Saturday morning’s Easter Egg hunt, we have had a whirlwind relationship in the best way. After all the dates and time spent together, last week I realized it was time to take the next step. With careful wording, assistance from two of the best ladies I know, and a measure of courage, I got her to downtown Indy and up the Soldiers and Sailors monument. I had a mild panic attack when I thought I might drop the ring out of the box and down the stairs and I forgot some of the words I wanted to use but in the end, she got the point and said yes! Now we get to walk through engagement and wedding together and we’d like you to come with us. All the funny, loving, frazzled, and sometimes argumentative moments to come will be added here. Thanks for all the comments, phone calls, and congratulations!


Also, to the gentleman who applauded the proposal and the said: “You could’ve picked better weather.” I hope you slipped on the way down the moment cuz that’s not cool at all.