Vacuum Robots and All the Silverware

What do you register for when you’re both in your thirties and you’ve lived on your own? I don’t know but we tried to figure it out this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for a complete set of pots and pans instead of the cobbled together pieces I currently use.

We went to a home store (who isn’t paying so I won’t mention their name) where the woman convinced us that you should register for some expensive things. I get that, some people want to gift the big-ticket items or split them with other people so they can get us something really nice together. At the same time, when the nice lady suggested a $350 Dutch oven I had to politely pass. She was a bit of a hoverer and watched us work through the pots and pans, juicers, waffle irons, etc. After a bit, she decided we were big enough to be alone in the store alone and left us to our own devices. That’s where things went awry. It was never a fight or even a disagreement, it was just the complexity of something as simple as silverware. Who knew there were so many options for how you shovel things into your mouth??? I know that 75% of the spoons will be lost in the first six months and there will be one knife that the tip gets bent on because I used it to pry a jar lid off so why do I care what the design is? Turns out I cared more than I thought and so did Chelsie. This one was heavy, that one was ugly, the other one was too long. Eventually, we came to a consensus but if I never had to look at cutlery again that would be fine with me.

Earlier in the day, we did the same thing at a big chain store. This time though we looked at things like a Roomba. Now I hate vacuuming to begin with and the robot vacuum claims it will keep the cat hair in check so I’m all for it but how smart does my robot vacuum need to be? Did you know they are Wi-Fi enabled?? They are and it’s so they can clean the floor at the proper time every day and you can send them out from their robot storage unit when you want an extra spot shine. Also, there are special robot vacuums that serve as robot mops too! This was exciting because my apartment is mostly tile, alas, we elected to only register for the robot sweeper/vacuum. (One day robot mop I will add you to my collection.)

Of course, in between these big things, there were plenty of fuzzy towels, glass, curtains, and other items that Chelsie enjoys way more than I do. She’s so sweet though, we were almost done for the day and she stopped to ask about electronics. That meant a chance to include a shiny new sound bar and subwoofer on the list and I loved that idea. Is there anything better than feeling the Deathstar explode in your chest at the end of Star Wars?? I think not.

In the end, we enjoyed the day and appreciate the fact that our friends and family want to get us gifts just please refrain from asking me about thread count, paint colors, or vacuums for a few weeks.

Stay tuned for further adventures in engagement!