What is the Countertop for?? Wedding Debate #1

As you probably know by now, I’m getting married this fall which means we are working towards cohabitation. That can be a ton of fun but it’s also grounds for big debates to spark up. Saturday Chels and I had one of these debates and it became a pretty clear example of the differences in men and women.

It started with a discussion about my best friend coming to visit this week. Chels said she’d like to straighten up the bathroom and start moving it towards the way it will look after she moves in. Works for me! But then she started talking about storing things under the counter and like drawers for all the things… I don’t do that. My mouthwash is on the countertop, right next to my toothbrush, the soap, and the deodorant. I’m going to use them every day so why would I hide them under the counter all the time when I need them to get ready every morning. Apparently, that is not the way a good, clean bathroom functions.

We checked with all the people in the jewelry store with us and the men agreed the point of the countertop is to have things out that we need all the time but the women were pretty staunch defenders of under cabinet storage. If we’re being honest I had never thought about it that much until this exact conversation. Now I realize the error of my ways because as one man put it “It goes on the counter but she gets what she wants.” Happy wife, happy life, am I right?