Cummins to invest $1 billion in manufacturing upgrades

Cummins is announcing plans to invest $1 billion in its manufacturing plants around the country.

The Columbus-based engine manufacturer announced yesterday that it will make the investments in Indiana, North Carolina, Minnesota and New York. The company says the upgrades at plants will support the industry’s first fuel agnostic engine platforms that will run on low carbon fuels, including natural gas, diesel and eventually hydrogen. The goal is to help to decarbonize the nation’s truck fleets today.

The company will invest $425 million at its Jamestown Engine Plant in New York to upgrade its 998,000 square-foot facility. The plant will be upgraded to produce the industry’s first internal combustion engine platform able to use a range of lower carbon fuel types. Walmart will receive the very first field test unit later in April that uses renewable natural gas to power a 15-liter advanced engine platform.

In Fridley, Minnesota the company will invest more than $10 million at its facility to manufacture electrolyzers . Hydrogen produced by electrolyzers can power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and is used in industry like steel production. The Cummins Power Systems factory there is a 1.1 million square feet full-service facility.

President Biden spoke from the Minnesota Cummins plant yesterday about the electrolyzer plan.

Announcements about investments in Indiana and North Carolina have not yet been made.

TTWN Media Networks contributed to this report.

Photo courtesy of Cummins