Phone scammers pretending to be Treasury Department, delivery services

Authorities are warning about a new scam hitting our area.

Greensburg Police Department, says that residents are receiving phone calls from scammers who pretend to be agents of The U.S. Department of the Treasury. The scammers will try to convince you to give up your payment and banking information. Police stress that the Treasury Department will never request payment or personal information over the phone. You should be suspicious of any caller seeking access to your personal or banking information. If you receive a call you should contact local law enforcement.

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is also warning you about scams trying to get you to pay shipping and delivery fees for items you supposedly ordered.

According to the state, scammers are sending texts and emails trying to get you to give up personal information or to install software that is infected with malware. The scam messages look as if they were sent by the U.S. post office, Fedex, UPS or online retailers. However, clicking on the link to track a package will instead send you to a malicious website.

Attorney General Todd Rokita suggests that if you believe there is a chance the message is legitimate, you should contact your shipper or retailer directly and do not follow links in the message.