Seymour growth plan draws praises from state

Seymour is getting praised by state officials for its plans to stimulate economic development along the recently opened Burkart Boulevard Bypass.

Indiana Secretary of Commerce David Rosenberg and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation touted three Indiana cities for their recently unveiled plans for growth, including Seymour, Warsaw and Michigan City.

Rosenberg said the strategies “will enable these communities to better attract capital and fuel development and revitalization, positively impacting their residents and creating more opportunities for families for years to come.”

The plans were funded by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation to increase economic mobility and opportunity statewide. The plans also equip the communities to tap into funds from the Indiana Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative, or READI grants..

The Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation worked with the Brookings Institute to release the study last week. The study recommended several action items including small business and entrepreneur support, developing an immigrant resource center, expanding the city’s trail system and making more options for affordable living.