Gifts that Rock – Day 2

The Beatles – Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

I know what you’re thinking; Freeman that’s a CD box set and everyone knows vinyl is better. You’re right, normally I would be Team Vinyl but not in this case. While having the 50th Anniversary Edition of Abbey Road on vinyl would be awesome you just don’t get the same bang for your buck. The vinyl set has the same tracklisting as the CD but the CD set also has a BluRay disc of remastered high-quality tracks which is a nice bonus. The real selling point though is the 100-page hardback book that only comes with the CD set. It has behind the scenes photos, images of the handwritten lyric sheets, and a foreword by Paul McCartney himself. There is so much detail and insight in those 100 pages it’s mindblowing. Some of the photos were taken by Linda McCartney, there’s a George Martin score… You get the point! For the Beatles fan in your life, get this set for Christmas.