Gifts That Rock – Days 3-5

Day 3 – A Master Class

You’ve probably seen their videos before but have you ever looked into what Master Class is? I was tempted into checking them our when I first saw the Gordon Ramsay cooking class. I love his cooking style and I’m always trying to make sure I have recipes that can wow Chelsie. When I got to their website I was blown away by all the different classes they offered and who was teaching them. Whether the person you are shopping for this year is into cooking, poker, BBQ, or photography, I can guarantee there is a class for them. Right now (12/10/19) they are running a buy one get one free sale so check it out now and learn something new in 2020.

Day 4 – Sound Wave Art

Since the wedding, Chelsie has revamped the style of my ‘home decor.’ From spartan, man design to homey, modern design, it’s come a long way. She was the one who recommended this gift that rocks. Whether there are lyrics you love and want to be reminded of them or there’s audio you want to save forever, this is the coolest way to do it. There are so many varieties plus the Etsy page we’ve linked does custom audio orders. They even include a QR Code you can scan to hear the audio play! Check them out and up your decor with sound!

Day 5 – Ticket Stub Diary

Are you an avid concert goer? How about someone who never misses the big game or you always have to see the latest movie premiere. If any of those sounds like you then this is the gift for you. Collect all your favorite ticket stubs in this ticket stub diary from Uncommon Goods. There’s room for all your tickets plus space to write a note about where you were or maybe who the special person with you was. Grab this Gift that Rocks for yourself or the ticketkeeper in your life!